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Stone Hike

The stones are out there waiting for you!

About the Stones

We hid stones near some of our favorite hiking trails in San Diego County, and a few in other areas. Some of the stones are jade and have a greenish tint. Some are totally white. By finding these stones you can earn points toward a prize, or hints to help you find a hidden stone in the Rocky Mountains, which will give you a larger prize. If you find a stone head over to the found stone page to enter the info.

We are giving 1 point for each average stone find and 2 points for difficult ones. Collect 5 points and earn $100.00

None of the stones are in a dangerous place. The hikes, paths, or areas that take you to them are not dangerous either. Please stay safe. We accept no responsibility for any accidents or injuries that may occur while searching for these stones.

Do not go off trail in areas that are specifically marked to not go in to. Stones are only hidden in areas that people are allowed to be in.

Enter Stone Info!