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Clues to the Stones

A new set of clues will be published on a regular basis, and clues will stay up until the stone is found. Have fun!
Also, please refresh this page if you have visited in the past.

Water that is sweet will lead to valleys that are green

Birds will give you a sign to a stone under a stone

Sisters of three is where you are meant to be

At first view of falls you are close A post will lead you to a side trail Good Luck!

Head to the Pines

You will need to be sharp to find this trail Find a lucky number of stairs Stair number four is the location of your score

Be a Visitor on a Mission

follow concrete wall back to what is sometimes a waterfall

Go left and stop before getting to closed area - 3 steps SE

Commander Spock would appreciate this eastern mountain hike

A good viewing spot is the place to be

Your sign will be the mountains

You're on a Mission to the Grasslands

There is a waterfall here at times, and a bridge view all of the time

Rocks forming 2 L's point your way

San Diego's #1 Park

Since when did bowling become an outdoor sport?

Something of wood stands out here

Vulcan Mt.

The large Conifer will lead your way

Your path is rocky from there

A trail named after a Big Rock

small trail off of the main trail with a view of an East County City

Find the flat rock and then find our rock

Head to the Kitchen

Follow the links of chain

If you were a rabbit you would find this stone.

A wall of stone dons the peak

Take a peek just below the peak

If you can see the campground you're very close

Get outdoors and find a stone!

All clues will lead to a hiking trail somewhere in San Diego County, unless otherwise noted. 

If you found a stone please go to the stone page and enter the info to gain your points! Save your points for a prize. More details to come...

None of the stones are in a dangerous place. The hikes, paths, or areas that take you to them are not dangerous either. Please stay safe. We accept no responsibility for any accidents or injuries that may occur while searching for these stones. Do not go off trail in areas that are specifically marked to not go in to. Stones are only hidden in areas that people are allowed to be in.